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Note: The contactors for skyhooks can vary. Skyhook over the years used five different types of contactor with no consistency on what crane or year model they used them on. Below are some links to pictures of each type to help you figure out which style of contactor you have.


New Style Double Contactor

New Style Single Contactor

Donut Contactor 

AO65 Contactor

Redtop Contactor

Metal Case Contactor



Parts Breakdown 45 Jr. 64 Jr. Skyhook


Parts Breakdown 45 54 65 80 Skyhook


Parts Breakdown 85 100 115 Skyhook


Parts Breakdown EX 100 130 Skyhook


Parts Breakdown SL Sponco


Parts Breakdown IH 55 Sponco   (Coming Soon)






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