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Buying a Used Crane?

A used crane can be one of the best investments you’ve ever made if you are careful in the selection. The following guidelines may be a useful checklist to carry with you when you are in the market:


  1.  Look for cables with flat spots or broken strands.
  2.  Check all pins and bushings for any loose or “sloppy” operation.
  3.  Extend crane to its limits and observe the smoothness of the extension. Binding could indicate a bent tube. Do a visual inspection for the same.
  4.  Check for any ewear on top of the main tube or first slider. Also look for worn ladder rungs which may indicate a bent tube.
  5.  Check crane’s rotation for sloppiness or loose operation.
  6.  Check the gear pack for sharp edges on the teeth or bent shafts.
  7.  Look for brass dust or shavings in the base. Boom up to 85 degrees and watch for movement in base pedestal. Either indicates a worn rotational mechanism.
  8.   Check all mounting bolts on crane base. Loose mounting hardware will cause cracks in base plate and/or can bend the truck chassis.
  9.   Check packing seals around hydraulic cylinders for leaks. Also check hydraulic hoses for worn or weathered conditions.
  10.   Check all outriggers to see if they are bent. Bent outriggers almost always indicate that the crane has been abused.
  11.   Remove safety covers and check all belts and bearings.
  12.   Careful observation of the above items may save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

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